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Andre Suchaneck, Bo Zhang and Fernando Puente León. Regenerative braking in electric vehicles with all-wheel drive. In International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Vol. 3(4):340-352, 2011. DOI [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Automotive.  
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Sebastian Bauer, Andre Suchaneck and Fernando Puente León. Thermal and energy battery management optimization in electric vehicles using Pontryagin's maximum principle. In Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 246:808-818, 2014. DOI [Comment]   Bibtex entry
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Jan E. Stellet, Andre Suchaneck, Martin Gießler, Fernando Puente León and Frank Gauterin. Fahrbahnreibwertschätzung mit optimaler linearer Parametrierung. In Automatisierungstechnik, Vol. 62(8):570–581, 2014. DOI [Comment]   Bibtex entry
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Andre Suchaneck and Fernando Puente León. Potential eines energieoptimalen Batterie-Thermomanagements im Elektrofahrzeug. In AUTOREG 2011, Baden-Baden, 22-23 November 2011. URL [Comment]   Bibtex entry
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Andre Suchaneck, Tobias Probst and Fernando Puente León. Determining an energy-optimal thermal management strategy for electric driven vehicles. In Bernhard Bäker and Lutz Morawietz editors, Energy Efficient Vehicles Technology, II, Expert Verlag, Renningen, 2012. URL [Comment]   Bibtex entry
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Andre Suchaneck, Fernando Puente León and Andreas Jost. Highly efficient load distribution of parallel DC-DC converters. In Fernando Puente and Klaus Dostert editors, Reports on Industrial Information Technology, Vol. 12:193-202, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2010. URL [Abstract] [Comment]   Bibtex entry
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Andre Suchaneck. Energiemanagement-Strategien für batterieelektrische Fahrzeuge. KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe, 2018. URL DOI [Comment]   Bibtex entry