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Fernando Puente León. El pie de Gudea, nacimiento de la metrología. In Ciencias, Vol. 81(1):68-71, 2006. PDF [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: History, Length measurement, Lidar, Meter, Metrology.  
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Ana Pérez Grassi, Vadim A. Frolov and Fernando Puente León. Information fusion to detect and classify pedestrians using invariant features. In Information Fusion, Vol. 12(4):284-292, 2011. DOI PDF [Abstract] [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Classification, Data fusion, Infrared, Invariant features, Lidar, Pedestrian detection, Spatio-temporal fusion, Support vector machine.  
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Michael Thuy and Fernando Puente León. Lane detection and tracking based on lidar data. In Metrology & Measurement Systems, Vol. XVII(3):311-322, 2010. PDF [Abstract] [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Lane detection, Lane tracking, Lidar.