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Jürgen Beyerer and Fernando Puente León. Adaptive separation of random lines and background. In Optical Engineering, Vol. 37(10):2733-2741, 1998. DOI PDF [Abstract] [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Adaptive image enhancement, Automated visual inspection, Image processing, Line structure, Optimal filtering, Texture decomposition.  
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Fernando Puente León. Nueva era en Alemania. In Vida Nueva, (2156):8-10, 1998. [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Germany, History, Politics.  
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Fernando Puente León. Religió o política? In Saó, Vol. XXIII(222):41, October 1998. [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Politics, Religion.  
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Rachid Majjad. Hybride Modellierung und Identifikation eines Fahrer-Fahrzeug-Systems. PhD thesis, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Karlsruhe, 1998. [Comment]   Bibtex entry
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Sandra Schneider. Methodische Entwicklung und Leistungsanalyse der Steuergerätevernetzung im Automobil. Shaker, Aachen, 1998. [Comment]   Bibtex entry
Keywords: Distributed system.