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Powerline Communication

Key aspects of research

Using power distribution networks for communication purposes takes advantages of existing infrastructures. Besides its mains usage at lines for low, medium and high voltage the technology is also applicable for using any other power distribution system, for example of cars, ships, planes or even of satellites. However, since any power grid is not optimized for data transfer, it makes the design and implementation of reliable communication links a very challenging task. Our research area covers the design and implementation of reliable communication techniques, the emulation of powerline channels and the performance evaluation of PLC systems.


One main approach of our research is the investigation of power line channel characteristics like the access impedance, the transfer function or the noise scenario. Typical channel behaviour, mostly acquired by measurements is utilised to develop suitable channel models for both channel simulation and channel emulation. The other aspect of our research is the design of communication and emulation systems based on the knowledge of PLC channels. With powerful software and fast-prototyping tools, reliable and robust communication techniques are analysed, simulated, emulated and implemented.

Technical equipment

  • General purpose and application specific measurement equipment
  • Emulator-based platform for evaluation of PLC systems
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