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Distributed Discrete Event Systems (Tutorial)

Distributed Discrete Event Systems (Tutorial)
type: exercise links:
chair: Institute of Industrial Information Technology (IIIT)
semester: summer semester

HSI lecture hall, Bldg. 30.35


Wednesday, 08:00-09:30, every 2 weeks

start: 15.05.2019

Prof. Puente

Hannes Weinreuter

sws: 1
ects: 1,5

written, 24.10.2019

Language: German


  • Das Buch Ereignisdiskrete Systeme ist nun kostenlos aus dem KIT-Netz abrufbar.
  • Die Prüfung in Verteilte ereignisdiskrete Systeme findet am 24.10.2109 (17:30-19:30) im Audimax statt.

Exercise notes

The exercise notes are available in the associated ILIAS course. The password for the registration will be announced in the first lecture and in the first exercise.

Information for the exercise

The exercise of the lecture distributed discrete event system takes place in the summer semester every two weeks on wednesday from 8:00 till 9:30 in the HSI lecture hall, Bldg. 30.35. The exact dates will be announced in the lecture. The exercises are expected to take place at the following dates:


1st exercise 2nd exercise 3rd exercise 4th exercise 5th exercise 6th exercise







Information for the exam

The exam is written. The next exam will take place on 24.10.2019 from 17:30 to 19:30 at the Audimax. The registration ends on 17.10.2019. Students of the masters program register at the KIT Campus Management Portal. Furthermore, photo identification has to be provided. If the authorization to attend the exam is not provided, the student will be suspended from the exam.

All students, who registered with a registration sheet (e. g. applying a masters lecture in the bachelor program), have to verify at the exam that they are matriculated and didn't take a leave of absence in the current semester by providing a certificate of matriculation. 

Allowed additional resources

  • Two handwritten, stitched A4 sheets
  • 3 books (printed and binded e-books are admissible as books. Handwritten notes in the books are admissible if they refer to the corresponding contents of the books.)

Excluded resources

All other additional resources, especially:

  • All electronic devices (e. g. pocket calculator, laptop, mobile phone, smartwatch)
  • Printed lecture or exercise slides
  • Loose papers

Important notice

Please consider that according to the examination regulations, the re-examination has to be attended at least in the semester after next.

Further information

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Puente León or M.Sc. H. Weinreuter.