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Integrated Systems of Signal Processing

Integrated Systems of Signal Processing
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Lehrstuhl: Institut für Industrielle Informationstechnik (IIIT)
Semester: Wintersemester

AOC-Hörsaal, Geb 30.45

Beginn: 20.10.2015
Dozent: Dostert
SWS: 2
LVNr.: 23129

written, 13.03.2017, 08:00-10:00

Please note that the lecture Integrated Systems of Signal Processing is no longer offered.


  • The results for the ISSP exam in winter semester 16/17 are available here and at the IIIT notice-board. Opportunity for inspection will be given on Tuesday 23rd May 16:00 - 17:00 at IIIT, Hertzstr. 16 (Westhochschule), building 06.35, room 120.1.

Information about the Lecture

The lecture on "Integrated Systems and Signal Processing" for Master and "Diplom" students is held by
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. K. Dostert during the winter terms.

Organizational issues of the lecture:

    • The time schedule of the winter term WS15/16 is available here.
    • The next examination: March 13th 2017, 08:00 - 10:00
    • Only pocket calculators with idle memory allowed!


  1. Fundamentals of digital design and signal processing
  2. Introduction into VLSI design
  3. Analysis of programmable general purpose "micro"-architectures, MP, MC, DSP, ASIC
  4. Typical CPU structures for high speed "multiply and accumulate" (MAC)
  5. High speed control and interrupt system architectures
  6. Bus systems and principles of memory technology
  7. Development tools and testing methodology
  8. Introduction into real time signal processing (key components of real time hardware platforms)
  9. Advanced treatment of typical digital signal processor architectures
  10. Selected signal processing algorithms and their implementation
  11. VHDL design methodology for dedicated integrated systems, including FPGAs and ASICs
  12. Presentation of current and completed industrial projects

Lecture Supplements

The download of these files is password protected. The login details are given in the lecture.



Documentations, handbooks and reference guides for download:  

 Document  pdf
 Reference Manual Siemens 80C517   MC80C517.pdf (3.5 MB)
 Reference Manual Motorola DSP56002  DSP_56002.pdf (1.3 MB)
 Reference Manual Analog Devices ADuC842    ADuC842.pdf (0.9 MB)
 Short Reference Atmel AT89LS8252  AT89LS8252.pdf (0.6 MB)
 Tutorial Class D Amplifiers  Class_D_Tutorial.pdf (0.3 MB) 
 DDS Background Information

 DDS_Tutorial.pdf (0.8 MB)
 AD9854.pdf (1.4 MB)

 VHDL Cookbook  VHDL_Cookbook.pdf (0.3 MB)

 LOGIC.zip (2 KB)


A list of standard textbooks and literature related to ISSP can be downloaded here.

Lecture notes Additional resources
OVs  (pdf)  
Introduction  (pdf) Introduction  (pps)
MOS TECH 1  (pdf) MOS TECH 1  (pps)
NUM ALU 2  (pdf) NUM ALU 2  (pps)
MAC MUL 3  (pdf) MAC MUL 3  (pps)
CONTROL 4  (pdf) CONTROL 4  (pps)
MEMORY 2-1  (pdf) MEMORY 2-1  (pps)
MC DSP 2-2  (pdf) MC DSP 2-2  (pps)
ADC 2-3  (pdf) ADC 2-3  (pps)
FSYN MOD 3-1  (pdf) FSYN MOD 3-1  (pps)
FT FFT 3-2  (pdf) FT FFT 3-2  (pps)
FFT 16 3-3  (pdf) FFT 16 3-3  (pps)
OFDM 3-4  (pdf) OFDM 3-4  (pps)
VHDL Tut 4-1n  (pdf) VHDL Tut 4-1n  (pps)
VHDL IC 4-2  (pdf) VHDL IC 4-2  (pps)
OFDM APPL 4-3n  (pdf) OFD SP 0  (avi)
OFDM BPSK  (pdf)
OFDM APPL 4-3n  (pps)
OFD RND1  (avi)
OFDM QPSK  (pdf)
OFD 0  (avi)
OFD SP RND  (avi)
Imped IIIT 4-4  (pdf)  

Information about the Examination

For this examination only writing and drawing tools as well as pocket calculators with idle memory are allowed! Additionally, you need your student ID card for identifying yourself!


 Next examination:   13.03.2017, 08:00 - 10:00
 Lecture Hall: Audimax



  1. You are not able to get an admission to examination but you have access to KIT Student Portal?

    Then please use the following link for registration (only if having definitively no admission to examination): KIT Student Portal
  2. You do not know if you can get an admission of examination or if you have access to KIT Student Portal?

    In this case please contact the board of examination HPA/MPA. They will help you.


 You must always present the following documents at the testing location:
- Your student ID card
- A valid Proof of Enrollment showing you are matriculated and not on a sabbatical (online available via Office of Student Affairs)
If the above mentioned documents are not presented at the examination, you will not be permitted to test!

The registration is possible until March 06th, 2017!


Wichtiger Hinweis:  Bitte beachten Sie, dass lt. unserer Prüfungsordnung die Wiederholungsprüfung spätestens im übernächsten Semester abgelegt sein muss.




Examination Solutions and Answers
ISSP F04  (664 kB)  
ISSP F08  (508 kB)  
ISSP F10  (256 kB) ISSP F10 SOLUTION  (283 kB)
ISSP F11  (171 kB) ISSP F11 SOLUTION  (251 kB)
ISSP F12  (526 kB) ISSP F12 SOLUTION  (570 kB)
ISSP F13  (288 kB)  

Further Information

For further information please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. K. Dostert.